Nerdlesque & Pop Culture/Cosplay-inspired Burlesque Acts

"Nerdlesque" is what it's called when burlesque dancers draw inspiration from their favorite comic books, video games, movies, books, and TV shows for their acts.


Xena regularly writes and produces large-scale burlesque plays with pop culture themes (also known as "live action fan fiction") for her company, The Society of Sin, such as her first show, "Arkham ASSylum: A Batman Burlesque Play." Most of the big, themed shows she produces happen at The Theater at Harrah's New Orleans Casino or The Willow Uptown. She also produces a weekly nerdlesque show, "Talk Nerdy To Me" every Saturday at 7p at the Dragon's Den (upstairs). 

In 2019 Xena was a guest performer for The International Nerdlesque Festival in NYC, where she had the opportunity to perform her burlesque tribute to Pinhead from Clive Barker's Hellraiser using a historic bed of nails from the Coney Island Sideshow. 

In 2018, Xena appeared in Playboy for her burlesque tribute to Princess Leia with a Ziggy Stardust twist—an act which she has dubbed "Rebel Rebel Scum." She has performed this act for Wizard World Comic Con, Pensacon, Viva Dallas's "May the Fourth Be With You" Star Wars Burlesque Weekend, and for The Society of Sin's annual Star Wars burlesque show, "The Mos Eisley Cantina Cabaret." 

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