Neo-burlesque is where burlesque performers can let their creativity and individuality shine with acts that are more than just bumping and grinding. 
Xena's neo-burlesque acts often have a dark edge, incorporating elements of sideshow and fetish or occult-inspired costumes, such as her demon sorceress act where she drinks hot wax or the act where she escapes from a white PVC straitjacket catsuit to reveal a pentagram thong underneath. Her skills of daring include glass walking, stapling, hot wax play, glass eating, grinder girl, fire eating, snake dancing, cigarette eating, and more. You can catch Xena performing these acts most often at "Stripped Into Submission" (the kink-friendly, sex-positive monthly show she produces) or at Inferno Burlesque, a regular feature at House of Blues in New Orleans and Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola.
However, she also enjoys creating lighter, more comedic acts, such as the "Be Our Guest" number she created for "Take It Off Broadway," The Society of Sin's burlesque ode to their favorite Broadway musicals. In the act, Xena wears a table skirt adorned with food and drink, which she passes out to the crowd before she begins the striptease.
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