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Xena Zeit-Geist New Orleans Burlesque Dancer Model

Meet Xena

Hello, New Friend! I'm Xena Zeit-Geist, and I specialize in irreverence, opulence, and daring brazenly to disturb the universe with my work. Oh, and glitter—I guess if you do burlesque, you also technically specialize in glitter. 


Since 2014, I've made it my full-time job to entertain, inspire, and enchant the masses, whether it be onstage at a burlesque show, onscreen for a TV show or movie, or one-on-one in a photoshoot or consulting session. 


A member of SAG-AFTRA since 2018, my career has taken me to the pulpy Florida-set crime world of TNT's Claws (2017), where I made my TV debut as the recurring "White-Haired Stripper" and gained my first principle acting role to the onset of zombie virus outbreak, where I played punk rock teenage "Mazzy" in Eat Brains Love (2018) to Christmas time at a southern church, where I got to become fresh-faced seamstress turned songstress "Sasha" in BET's Christmas Belles (2019)

In the burlesque world, I'm perhaps best known as the mastermind behind The Society of Sin Burlesque & Variety, the production company through which I bring most of my magic to the stage. I founded The Society of Sin in 2014 after the first burlesque show I wrote and produced, a Batman-inspired burlesque parody play entitled "Arkham ASSylum," was performed to sold-out crowds weekend after weekend. Since then, I've created dozens of burlesque and variety shows, including numerous plays that combine popular fandoms and cosplay with the art of the tease (I like to think of it as "live-action fan fiction"), such as "Harry Potter & the Bedchamber of Secrets," "A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream," "It's Always Sunny in Burlesque," and "Bob's Burglesque", in addition to many pop culture themed nerdlesque revues, like "Super Smash Bras," "Glitter Is Coming," "Every Day Is Halloween," and "Inconceivable!". Typically these events take place in the Theater at Harrah's New Orleans. 


I also currently produce two weekly shows—"Talk Nerdy To Me: A Weekly Nerdlesque Revue" Saturdays at 7p at Dragon's Den and "The Opulence Hour: A Neo-Classical Burlesque Show" Sundays at 7p at Maison on Frenchman, as well as "Stripped Into Submission," aimed at celebrating fetishes via burlesque, the 3rd Sunday of every month at Hi-Ho Lounge at 11p. 

Outside of my own productions, you can catch me performing or emceeing for a show for Bella Blue Productions at the Gravier Street Social Club, Barcadia, The Allways Lounge, and SoBou, as well as electrifying the stage at House of Blues New Orleans or Vinyl Music Hall Pensacola with my death-defying grinder girl act at Inferno Burlesque. I've also performed in NYC at The International Nerdlesque Festival at Coney Island (using a historic Coney Island bed of nails! So cool!) and regularly team up with Wizard World Comic Con to put together fun events. 


When I'm not on set or in a show, I write sketches and scripts as well as doing standup and improv. Making people laugh is one of my greatest passions! 

In addition to my stage skills, I'm an instructor and consultant. I love teaching people Burlesque 101, ways to break into the industry, how to produce your dreams show (and make money doing it), how to captivate audiences with emotion in your performances, and how to charm crowds as a host! Book a session with me today to begin your break-out moment into brazen, sparkly arts!

Whether you're looking for a cult classically-trained actress, a sparkly showgirl, chaotic good cosplayer, or a guide through the world of feathery, glittery world of burlesque, I look forward to making some magic together! 


Xena Zeit-Geist

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Learn the secrets of mastering the art of tease, whether to kickstart your performance career, create a new kickass burlesque act, revamp an existing act to really make i...
Burlesque Mastery Session with Xena
1 hr
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